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Melbourne, Australia — June 27, 2024 — Melbourne is popularly regarded as the sports capital of Australia. It is abuzz and ready for the National Sports & Physical Activity Convention and IAKS 2024. With this big event on sports infrastructure and technology, the latest and greatest would surface. One stand-out exhibitor would be VMKON—one of the world’s acknowledged waterproof sports flooring makers.

VMKON is reputed for high-quality, long-lasting, and eco-friendly sports flooring. VMKON Company is showcasing the latest floor solutions at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre at the current event. VMKON’s visit to NSC | IAKS 2024 indicates a significant extent. It sheds light on their vision of changing how we look at sports flooring across the globe today.

Visitors to the Convention are getting a close look at the new innovative products designed by VMKON for improved sports performance and safety. It is always an excellent opportunity for VMKON to discuss its commitment to excellence and sustainability and engage with many of the industry leaders across the globe, connecting with others.

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VMKON at NSC | IAKS 2024

VMKON’s Booth in NSC | IAKS 2024: What to Expect—The event is choreographed towards the VMKON booth. Their visitors are most eager and looking forward to familiarising themselves with sports flooring technology. At the core of their display has to be the Portable Macwood Flooring, which is produced specially for outdoor basketball courts. It is competition-grade flooring and, therefore, absolutely perfect for professional games and severe training.

Portable Macwood flooring has several attractive features that place it at the top. Firstly, it provides excellent shock absorption, which helps to reduce the occurrence of injuries. Its floor surface is slip-resistant, making it relatively safe, especially for the players in those intense games. Beyond that, this flooring is also highly resistant to any possible wear and tear that comes with constant usage. The visitor will be impressed by how this flooring can improve performance and safety.

But VMKON is thinking about more than just professional athletes. The company also has regard for ways to ensure that children are safe and having fun. VMKON will present its range of soft connecting, waterproof, and anti-shrinkage kindergarten basketball court flooring at the convention. These child-friendly surfaces include VMKON Kindergarten Soft Floor Mats tailored to ensure that playgrounds and school courts will be lively and secure.

Parents and teachers are particularly enthusiastic about these products, as they combine safety with functionality, allowing kids to play and learn freely without worry.

One of the highlights VMKON will present during its presence at NSC | IAKS 2024 is its commitment to sustainability. It is proud to introduce high-performance products that are environmentally friendly, too. VMKON carefully selects materials so that their environmental impacts are low while the products’ life span can be as long as possible. In any case, this becomes vital for a world that wants to go green.

VMKON’s participation in NSC|IAKS 2024 exceeds the expectations of success. Their innovative sports flooring solutions are of great interest to them, and they dramatise handy links with industry leaders. For VMKON, new benchmarks in sports flooring are being set on their performance, safety, and sustainability criteria.

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Innovative Flooring Takes Centre Stage

While zeroing in on professional athletes at NSC | IAKS 2024, VMKON will remember its social responsibility of ensuring that it provides children with safe and fun floor solutions. Some highlighted displays in their booth include their kindergarten suelo de cancha de baloncesto. These soft-connecting, waterproof, and anti-shrinkage floors are designed especially for young children.

Particularly impressive would be the VMKON Kindergarten soft floor mats. They provide a smooth surface that is safe enough for children to play on and halve the risk of hurting themselves in case of tumbles. In addition, their waterproof nature means they are suitable indoors and outdoors, never dirty or brutal to clean. Adding to this point, with an anti-shrink property, they keep their original shapes and integrate during usage.

Such products attract particular interest from parents and educators since they were invented to combine safety, functionality, and fun. Children have lively play sessions over these mats, and parents take heart in knowing that the flooring is crafted, first and foremost, with their kids’ safety in mind. With such features, VMKON’s kindergarten floor covering has become greatly sought after by schools and playgrounds in Australia.

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Sustainability Meets Performance

VMKON has demonstrated a marriage of environmental responsibility with its many facets and high-performance standards in NSC|IAKS 2024. It ensures that environmentally friendly, long-lasting materials are selected. Thus, one avoids the worst environmental outcomes while providing the most significant yield regarding performance.

Their flooring solutions are durable to ensure longer life, reducing the frequency of replacements and lowering their eventual environmental imprint. Their commitment to green practices aligns with global efforts to create more sustainable sports facilities. In this regard, with the products from VMKON, sports centres will continue to improve performance while ensuring a cleaner environment.

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Networking and Knowledge Sharing

The NSC | IAKS 2024 is not an exhibit of products but a great networking and knowledge hub. VMKON representatives have actively participated in all the seminars and workshops; it will help as a platform for industry leaders, architects, and facility managers to discuss contemporary trends and innovations in sports infrastructure worldwide.

The VMKON team shared their experience in integrating new technology into the design of sports flooring, considering key factors such as performance, safety, and sustainability. These interactions have paid off for VMKON by building new relationships and setting roots deeper in existing relationships within the industry.

VMKON, as the epoch of infrastructure upgrades and modernisation ensues to ensure that Australian sports take advantage of every beat, will be well-timed with its participation at NSC | IAKS 2024. This international event opens an even more excellent signing platform to deepen its position in the global market further and propel innovative solutions.

Don’t miss out on experiencing VMKON’s groundbreaking sports flooring solutions firsthand at Stand XYZ. Join the conversation on sustainable sports infrastructure and witness the future of sports facilities taking shape at NSC | IAKS 2024!

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VMKON’s participation in NSC | IAKS 2024, Melbourne, will contribute as one salient factor. The three-day event presented an excellent opportunity for VMKON to build creative sports flooring solutions. Its products, designed with performance and safety, impressed visitors and industry leaders alike. From competition-grade Portable Macwood Flooring to child-friendly kindergarten basketball court flooring, VMKON is showcasing everything to prove its mettle in expertise and excellence.

The other feature that is equally admirable is the commitment to sustainability. VMKON’s use of eco-friendly materials and agenda of increasing durability raise the benchmarks for the industry. As such, this green commitment, breaking into lush global trends of greener sports facilities, pushes VMKON very much into the spotlight as a market leader and strategist in this particular industry.

It is not limited to the scope of product promotion only; VMKON is engaged in priceless networking and knowledge-sharing activities. Following up on seminars and workshops, they make valuable contributions, such as necessary discussions about the future of sports infrastructure. From these interactions, VMKON will build contacts and knowledge, driving more innovation.

It is opportunistic that VMKON participates in this international event. New infrastructure investments are being made when the Australian sports industry is on the rise. It spells an opportunity for VMKON to further entrench itself as a dominant player in the global marketplace, with the ability to forge new partnerships to move its innovative solutions forward.

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Be the first to experience VMKON’s innovative Sports Flooring Solutions at Stand XYZ. Discuss Sustainable Sports Infrastructure and see the Future of Sports Facilities form at NSC | IAKS 2024!

Please do not hesitate to Contáctenos for media inquiries or to book an interview with VMKON representatives at the NSC | IAKS Congress 2024 event. The live event will be broadcast on social media.

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VMCON is the top designer and manufacturer of relevant sports flooring solutions. The company pays great attention to innovation, integrating green concepts into production, and product customisation for customers from professional sports halls to schools in its production process. Their products are designed to aid each athlete in performing and working out safely. With a commitment to excellence and eco-friendliness, VMKON is one of the most reliable companies in the industry.


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