Rebounce Interlocking Sports Tile

Many sports require a hard, flat surface to ensure an optimal playing experience. For example, racquet sports, ice skating, and hockey require a hard, flat surface to ensure an enjoyable and fair playing experience. 

VMKONDura Series Rebounce Interlocking Sports Tiles offer the ideal surface for various sports activities. The tiles are designed to provide superior cushioning and shock absorption for maximum athlete safety and comfort. Also, They are a perfect choice for sports facilities because of their ease of installation and maintenance.

These tiles are made from durable Polypropylene (PP) material and are designed specifically for sports that require a rugged surface to ensure optimal ball performance. Their hard construction ensures they will last longer and provide excellent ball control.

VMKON Rebounce Interlocking Sports Tile is a revolutionary flooring solution perfect for various sports and activities. With its easy installation and maintenance, this tile is the perfect choice for any athlete looking to transform their space with the highest quality flooring


What is Rebounce Interlocking Sports Tile?

Rebounce is an advanced court flooring solution specifically designed for competitive racquet sports such as tennis, pickleball, squash, and paddleball. Its hard and rapid surface is ideal for intense play and maximum performance. 

These racquet sports need high-quality playing surfaces to get the best ball bounce and maximum performance. Furthermore, running and sprinting, integral components of many sports, require excellent traction and grip surfaces.

With its unique engineering and extra-weight design, Rebounce provides an exceptional playing experience. Because, Rebounce is made of a hard and durable polypropylene material, which is highly resistant to mechanical wear and tear, it is extremely strong.

It is an ideal choice for heavy-duty and long-term applications. With its suspension structure and 17mm thick design, Rebounce offers excellent cushioning, allowing players to play for longer periods and enjoy their games more.

Additional Features of Rebounce Interlocking Sports Tile

With its easy-to-assemble design and high-quality construction, you can enjoy a wide range of sports and activities with friends and family. Also, it offers many additional features:

  • Easy To Install & Maintain

The installation of Rebounce is incredibly simple and makes do-it-yourself a great option. Place the tiles on a flat surface following our step-by-step guide video. You can use the buckles to secure them firmly. 

  • Durable and Color Retentive

Rebounce offers superior dimensional stability against thermal expansion and contraction due to its innovative expansion joint design, making it durable and color-retentive. Its unique construction provides maximum durability, while its color-retentive properties ensure that the coating will remain vibrant for many years.

  • Clean Up Easier with a Grid-Open Surface Design

The grid-open surface design simplifies the process of cleaning. The surface will dry quickly after flushing it with water and allowing the holes to drain. There is no need to scrub or perform any additional cleaning.

  • Safe and Secure

Specifically designed for outdoor environments, Rebounce racquet courts feature chemical resistance and antibacterial, antifungal, and antimildew properties. No matter how harsh the environment is, they will remain sanitary and neat. Take your racquet game to the next level with the durable and long-lasting Rebounce tiles. Get ready to play like a pro. 

  • Budget-Friendly

The Rebounce Interlocking Sports Tiles offer a budget-friendly alternative to traditional sports courts and an efficient and economical solution to sports facilities. These tiles provide greater durability and improved bounce, making them an ideal choice for multiple sports.

Get Your Game On with Rebounce Interlocking Sports Tiles!

With its unique interlocking system, you can create your own custom playing field for a truly unique and enjoyable experience. So what are you waiting for? Order your VMKON Rebounce Interlocking Sports Tile now and start having a blast. 

If you have any questions or concerns about Rebounce interlocking sports tiles, feel free to contact us. We will work with you to find a solution that meets your requirements and help you to design a stunning racquet sports court for you. Thank you