Our children’s playground flooring tiles provide a safe and durable surface for school kids to play on.

SafeMax School Floor Tiles

Playground tiles are specific to the younger lot!

Providing high-performing, safe, and hygienic playground flooring is one of the best gifts parents can give their kids, considering that children often spend a significant portion of their day playing on the playground.

SafeMax Tiles are the perfect way to add style and protection to any children’s playground flooring. Made of a non-toxic, polymer thermoplastic elastomer material, these tiles are designed to last for years.

The double-arch arch expansion joint design allows for thermal expansion and contraction of large-area paving floors. In contrast, the unique buckle design provides anti-theft, anti-displacement, and wind-proof security.

Benefits of Specially Playground Tiles Over Rubber Playground Flooring

Our playground flooring tiles are a superior choice to traditional rubber flooring.

SafeMax Tiles offer a variety of benefits for homeowners, schools, and sports facilities. With its double-arch arch expansion joint design and reinforced m-shaped column foot, SafeMax Tiles provide excellent shock absorption, protecting bones, joints, and muscles from sports injuries.

Plus, the flooring is designed to last 8-10 years with a water seepage speed of 3000mm/h, making it perfect for any environment or project.

Also, SafeMax Tiles are weather resistant, able to withstand temperatures from minus 40 degrees to plus 70 degrees Celsius.

More Features of SafeMax Kindegarten School Playground Interlocking Tile

SafeMax is an incredibly durable and high-performance kids’ playground flooring solution. The surface size of the product is 305*305*10mm, with a hardness of Shaw 75-80A.

Each unit weighs 425g-5g, and the total weight per square meter is 4622g. Each square meter contains 10.75 units. This flooring is designed to last for 8-10 years and offers excellent shock absorption of 38%.

It has a vertical deformation of 1.9mm, an anti-slip value of 110 (friction in the dry state), a tensile strength of 2.11Mpa, an elongation of 171%, and a ball bounce height of 1.06m. It also has a water seepage speed of 3000mm/h.

This product is weather resistant, able to withstand temperatures from minus 40 degrees to plus 70 degrees Celsius. SafeMax is the perfect choice for any environment or project, offering superior durability and performance.

Create the Perfect Look for Kids Playground Floors with VMKON SPORTS

Get the best outdoor kids playground flooring solution with SafeMax Tiles from VMKON SPORTS. Our SafeMax Tiles offer superior durability and performance, with excellent shock absorption and weather resistance that will withstand the toughest conditions.


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