Fieldhouse - Multisports Center

If you’re an avid sports fan, the Fieldhouse or a Multisport Center should be your next destination. However, your sportsman spirit will surely be extinguished if you discover dilapidated, time-worn courts. With a wide array of sporting courts all in one place, it’s sure to be a blissful experience for any sports enthusiast.

With VMKON Sports, you can play sports in the most professional and durable indoor sports courts, designed to enhance your enthusiasm for sports. Our flooring is built to withstand the rigorous demands of competitive sports, ensuring your court stays in top condition for years to come. So don’t miss out on your chance to have the best of all sports at your fingertips.

High Quality Hardwood Court Flooring Alternative

At VMKON, we offer a High-quality hardwood flooring alternative that offers the same beauty and durability as real wood with the added benefit of lower maintenance and cost. Our Macwood Pro and Standard indoor flooring series offers an upgraded alternative to hardwood sports courts, offering the same look, feel, and athletic performance as hardwood surfaces. 

Compared with traditional hardwood courts, these flooring series feature advanced construction materials that offer superior durability and shock absorption. Moreover, your HVAC system does not have to run all year round, which reduces maintenance costs. 

Because of the advanced technology used in the construction of this product, it is highly resistant to factors such as termite infestations and drastic changes in moisture levels. 

Premium Interlocking Sport Tile

For maximum safety and comfort, we highly recommend our revolutionary modular interlocking sports tile, the GameChanger+. Our GameChanger+ sports tile provides superior cushioning and shock absorption, making it the perfect choice for any sports court or recreational area. Using an innovative elastomer material with a 19mm thickness provides unparalleled shock absorption, prevents bruises, and facilitates joint health

With this advanced material, you can enjoy the benefits without sacrificing comfort. The surface has a unique rounded-square pattern that provides superior grip and prevents slips. With LoopFlex connectors on the expansion joints, the players have greater lateral flexibility, and the court is more resilient against thermal expansion and contraction. 

With its easy-to-install interlocking design, the GameChanger+ is the perfect solution for any sports court or recreational area. Experience superior safety and comfort with the GameChanger+ sports tile.

Racquet Sport Flooring

If you are interested in the best experience in racquet sports, we recommend Rebounce, which is from our polypropylene tile collection. VMKON Top Racquet Sports Flooring is the perfect choice for any racquet sport enthusiast. Due to its flat surface, this is ideal for athletes committed to fast and dynamic gameplay. 

This hard surface is suitable for competitive games such as tennis, pickleball, and other sports and provides excellent energy return. Because of its 17mm thickness and suspended understructure, this polypropylene gaming surface provides excellent cushioning and comfort for players. Players will have excellent grip and traction on the court due to the open-grid surface design.

The Rapid from our polypropylene tile range provides a seamless and durable surface and is ideal for inline hockey and skating. A smooth and hard surface provides optimal skating conditions. With its durable construction and reinforced buckles, the skater’s high impact will not be able to damage the court for over a decade.

Additionally, we provide backstops, fencing, tip-and-roll aluminum bleachers, and a wide range of court accessories. With our durable and long-lasting flooring, you can be sure that your racquet sports experience will be the best it can be.

  • GameChanager+

    The new generation and best ever plastic interlocking sports tile in the industry.

    1. Certified as synthetic flooring for FIBA for 3×3 & Outdoor Flooring.  

    2. Unmatchable athletic comforts and with 100% ball rebound rate

    3. Minimizes skin abrasions by its surface design. 

    4. LoopFlex expansion joints offers exceptional dimensional stability and conforms to minor undulations.

  • Elastimeteor

    An affordable yet great option for commercial-level or heavy-use sports courts.

    Key features include:

    1. Excellent athletic performance with uniform ball bounce.

    2. The characteristic resilience offers excellent cushioning for joint protection.

    3. The unique surface design with matt finish ensures great grip and traction.

    4. The patented LoopFlex connector in expansion joints prevents the court from cupping or warping issues.

    5. Durable and long-lasting color retention.

  • HomeGamer

    Specifically designed for residential and backyard courts.

    Key features include:-

    1. Its structural design offers more energy return with consistent ball bounce.

    2. The featured cushioning combined with the velvety material texture protects players.

    3. The grid-open surface design offers great grip and traction.

    4. Long life due to its weathering-resistance properties.

    5. Food-grade materials used make it kids and pet-friendly. 

  • Macwood Indoor

    Upgraded alternative to premium indoor hardwood sports flooring.

    Key Features Include:-

    1. Athletic performance by fully meeting the requirements of FIBA level 1 court for wooden sports flooring 

    2. Unmatchable durability and dimensional stability against temperature and climate changes. 

    3. Low maintenance cost without need for opening HVACs

    4. Custom color, logo and graphics available for team promotion and sponsor marketing. 

    Macwood Indoor