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  1. Experience in foreign market development and business expansion;
  2. Familiar with the major economic powers in Europe and North America;
  3. Familiar with import and export business processes and laws and regulations;
  4. Proficient in English, fluent in oral and written language;
  5. Have 3-5 years of experience in the sports or building materials industry, and have certain customer resources;
  6. Building materials wholesale markets, sporting goods wholesale dealers, schools, sports venues and other resources are preferred, and those with overseas experience are preferred.

Work Requirements:

International position, responsible for overseas trade business follow-up, according to project needs, can visit global customers.


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Job Responsibilities:

  1. Customer site product installation, maintenance, troubleshooting;
  1. Receive and assist in solving various on-site installation/use/maintenance problems encountered by customers, and timely and accurately feed back on-site information to the sales and R&D departments.
  1. Product use/daily maintenance training;
  1. Complete the customer inspection plan formulated by the technical support department, and submit the inspection report in time;
  1. Maintain customer relationship and feedback customer satisfaction;

Work requirements:

  1. Familiar with the construction and installation of sports venues;
  1. Have a strong sense of customer service, be able to handle customer consultation and after-sales, and have strong coordination skills
  1. Good language expression and communication skills


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