Rapid Interlocking Sports Tile

Think of yourself gracefully dribbling on an indoor futsal court, showing off your best ball-handling skills and leaving the audience in shock. 

The VMKON Dura series Rapid tile makes all of this possible. These tiles provide the perfect surface for a variety of sports and activities. The tiles are made from high-quality materials designed to provide a non-slip surface, ensuring maximum safety and comfort during your sports activities. 

VMKON Rapid tiles are designed with a patented interlocking system, allowing you to easily and quickly create a safe and durable surface

What is Rapid Interlocking Sports Tile?

Rapid Interlocking Sports Tile is a revolutionary sports surface system that provides a safe, comfortable, and durable playing surface for various sports. The tiles are designed to interlock quickly and easily, allowing for fast installation and easy maintenance.

The VMKON Dura series Rapid tile is built from high-quality polypropylene. This type of sports surface is suitable for various sports, such as futsal, inline hockey, and skating. Its flat and fast surface ensures maximum ball, puck, or skate glide, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

The surface of the tiles is coated with a heavy-duty wear layer that provides excellent traction and slips resistance and ensures that the ball speed remains constant throughout the game. 

Also, the coating protects the tiles from wear and tear, ensuring they maintain their pristine appearance. Although it has a rugged exterior, its innovative suspended understructure provides excellent shock absorption, which makes it a comfortable surface for athletes to play on.

More Features of Rapid Tile

Rapid Interlocking Sports Tile offers several additional features that make it a great choice for sports surfaces. These features include: 

  • Simple Installation

The installation of a Rapid court is simple and easy. With our easy installation instructions, you can snap the classic buckles together in no time. Your play area will be set up quickly and easily, giving you more time to enjoy your favorite sport.

  • Durable Construction

Rapid Interlocking Tile is constructed with a heavy-duty plastic base that is resistant to harsh weather and heavy wear. The interlocking pieces make it easy to assemble and disassemble for quick installation and maintenance. 

Its strong buckle design and the unique engineering of its understructure ensure that Rapid will not crack or break under the pressure of harsh external force. Due to the sturdy circular footings and reinforced heavy wall bracings, your brand new Rapid court will stand the test of time for years.

  • Easy to Clean

The Rapid tiles can be easily cleaned with water. It requires little maintenance, requiring only regular mopping to keep it clean. Additionally, the polypropylene material of this product is food-level, zero-emission, and REACH-approved. As a result, players can be assured that their health and safety will be taken care of while playing on the Rapid court.

  • Cost-effective

VMKON Rapid Interlocking Sports Tiles are more cost-effective than traditional sports surfaces, providing an economical solution for sports facilities.

Transform Your Game with Rapid Interlocking Sports Tiles

Get ready to take your game to the next level with VMKON-Dura Rapid Interlocking Sports Tiles. Order Rapid Interlocking Sports tiles now and enjoy the benefits of a high-performance playing surface 🤩

If you have any questions or concerns about rapid interlocking sports tiles, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you