HomeGamer Interlocking Sports Tile

Do not limit yourself to playing sports on public courts – make your active lifestyle a part of your daily routine at home, and get creative! Explore new ways to remain active while having a good time.

When you are an active sports enthusiast and enjoy staying active at home, you need a backyard court that provides athletic and comfortable capabilities and safety and sanitation. The most important thing to remember is that it should always be available to play whenever you need it.

Here comes HomeGamer from the revolutionary VMKONRezil interlocking sports tile series. HomeGamer provides a superior playing experience for casual and professional gamers thanks to its innovative design and superior durability. 

The HomeGamer Interlocking Sports Tile is an excellent choice for any sports enthusiast that wants to create a professional-looking playing surface. So don’t limit your playing lifestyle – make it unique with VMKON HomeGamer.

What is HomeGamer Interlocking Sports Tile?

Designed from a modified TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), HomeGamer is ideal for residential and backyard sports courts. Due to its specialized design, it is extremely durable and performs well, making it suitable for various sporting activities. You can rest assured that your family will be protected by its unparalleled resilience.

Its porous surface allows for quick drainage and air circulation, which ensures that the surface will be ready for you to play on with your family and friends. This high-quality interlocking tile system provides a durable, safe, and stable surface for any sport. It is easy to install, and its interlocking design ensures that it will stay in place for long-term use. 

Performance, Comfort and Safety

The HomeGamer surface is an athletic surfacing solution that provides superior traction and grip for your family superstar, so they can run and jump without the worry of slipping and getting injured. 

Designed with a grid pattern, this surface ensures maximum safety and comfort for your children while they play. Additionally, with skin-friendly properties and unsurpassed shock absorption, this product offers comfort and safety compared to traditional PP interlocking tiles.

While maintaining a consistent ball rebound rate of 96%, HomeGmaer never compromises its energy response. Designed for maximum performance, total comfort, and uncompromising safety, our product delivers unmatched results. With innovative features to maximize gaming enjoyment, HomeGamer is the perfect choice for every gamer.

More Features of HomeGamer Interlocking Sports Tile

There is no doubt that HomeGamer is extremely durable and sturdy. No matter how extreme the external force may be, the buckle’s heavy-wall rectangular design will never crack or break.

With its understructure engineering, you can be sure that your brand new HomeGamer court will endure for many years. With heavy-wall auxiliary bracing plates, the cross-shaped cross-supports provide a strong and reliable foundation.

  • Best in the Industry

By comparing the weight per sqm or sqft of HomeGamer to its competitors in the market, you can determine whether it is superior to its competitors. Moreover, you can compare the performance of HomeGamer with that of its competitors by analyzing other relevant factors, such as durability, cost-effectiveness, and warranty. 

HomeGamer is significantly more influential than competitors – clout matters in the gaming industry. Players usually perceive the light tile to provide less support and energy return, which leads to a less satisfactory flooring experience.

  • Easy and Simple Installation 

HomeGamer court installation is simple and hassle-free. With the included fasteners, you can securely buckle the tiles into place by laying them side-by-side. The whole family can enjoy hours of fun on this easy-to-install court.

With our comprehensive installation guidance, you and your family can easily complete the installation. With its cylinder-shaped connectors, this tile provides greater flexibility and better accommodates the contours of the subfloor, providing a more secure installation.

  • Smooth and Safe 

A water hose is your only tool to clean and maintain the court. Clean your tiles by spraying off any dust and debris accumulation. Be careful not to damage the surface by using too much water pressure. The court can easily drain and dry with its grid surface to prepare for your family game.

Your basketball court will remain clean and sanitary all year round due to the powerful anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-mildew properties of the HomeGamer. Moreover, it is anti-UV, wear-resistant, color-retains its color, and is long-lasting, guaranteeing that it remains in pristine condition for over a decade. Also, It is made of non-toxic, food-grade materials, making it safe for kids and pets.

  • Always Here to Assist

If you have any queries about HomeGamer interlocking sports tiles, feel free to contact us. We can help you find a solution that meets your needs. Let us help you build a beautiful, long-lasting sports court in your home or office. Thank You

Benefits Of GameChanger

FIBA-Certified Performance

Certified as FIBA level-1 flooring for 3×3 & outdoor court.

All-Weather Durable & Stable

Long-lasting color retention; All-temperature dimensional stability

Enhanced Protection

Enhanced protection against injuries and bruises with shock absorption.

Budget Friendly TIle

HomeGamer is a budget friendly tile for your court