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The World’s First FIBA Certified Food Grade Flooring Supplier

About VMKON: Sports Flooring Manufacturer

VMKON is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. It is committed to providing one-stop solutions for sports spaces and aims to create a professional, safe, healthy, comfortable and green sports environment.

Over the years, we have provided sports facilities and sports flooring engineering services to thousands of venues in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, obtained more than 100 national patents, and passed FIBA certification.

At present, VMKON has become the main drafting unit of four group standards including the national standard “Wooden Flooring for Stadiums” and “Technical Requirements for Purchasing Ground Materials for Sports Flooring”.

VMKON sports floor has innovative product patents and innovative material patents. It is the first biomass macwood sports floor in the world to pass FIBA and FIBA3X3 certification at the same time.

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Awards & Certificates

Certificate of VMKON Sports

Reasons Why Use Environment Friendly Flooring? - Eco Friendly Flooring

Reason 1: Eco Friendly and Safe

At VMKON Sports, we understand the importance of safety for all athletes, especially young players. That’s why our innovative interlocking floor tiles are crafted from non-toxic, food-grade materials, ensuring a harmless playing surface. This commitment to safety extends beyond the materials themselves. Our tiles have undergone rigorous testing and meet GB36246-2018 standards, giving you peace of mind and an environmentally friendly flooring solution.

Eco friendly and Safe

Reason 2: Recyclable Plastic Flooring

VMKON Sports goes the extra mile for the environment. Our interlocking floor tiles are crafted using recyclable materials, a commitment that reduces waste and promotes sustainability. This eco-friendly approach doesn’t compromise performance – our tiles still deliver the durability and safety you expect from VMKON Sports.

Reason 3: FIBA Approved Flooring Tiles

Elevate your 3×3 basketball experience with FIBA-approved VMKON interlocking tiles. These innovative tiles not only meet the rigorous standards set by the International Basketball Federation, but also deliver exceptional performance. The soft, shock-absorbing surface safeguards athletes, while the secure interlocking system and anti-slip design ensure a safe and dynamic playing environment. FIBA approval signifies VMKON’s commitment to providing a world-class playing surface for 3×3 basketball.

FIBA Approved basketball flooring

Create A Green & Healthy Sports Environment For Children

At VMKON Sports, fostering a healthy and eco-conscious environment for young athletes is our passion. We achieve this by using non-toxic, potentially recyclable materials in our interlocking tiles. This creates a safe playing surface while minimizing environmental impact. We believe healthy bodies thrive in healthy surroundings, and VMKON Sports is committed to providing the foundation for a green and active future for children.

create green environment for your kids

VMKON Interlocking Sports Flooring Tiles

VMKON interlocking tiles go beyond functionality, offering a winning combination of safety, performance, and long-lasting aesthetics. Here’s what sets them apart:

Ultimate Comfort & Safety:

  • Soft on Skin, Tough on Impact: Crafted from TPE materials, these tiles provide a soft texture that’s gentle on joints and skin. Their shock-absorbing properties significantly reduce impact from falls and jumps, making them ideal for high-intensity activities. The 360-degree folding and bending capabilities further enhance comfort during exercise.
  • Exquisite Surface Design: VMKON prioritizes safety. The rounded corner design minimizes friction with skin, reducing the risk of scrapes or abrasions. Additionally, the frosted surface offers superior dust resistance and anti-slip properties, ensuring safe footing even during intense workouts.

Unparalleled Stability & Durability:

  • Engineered for All Conditions: VMKON’s patented expansion joint design allows the tiles to adapt to thermal expansion and contraction without warping or arching. This ensures a smooth, even surface that sheds water effectively, preventing puddles and allowing for frequent use.
  • Seamless Connection, Unbreakable Performance: The innovative inlaid buckle system ensures the tiles interlock tightly, eliminating any chance of displacement or tripping hazards. This secure connection allows for quick and effortless changes in direction, perfect for dynamic sports. Furthermore, the robust bottom support boasts a perfect mechanical structure for exceptional load-bearing capacity. This not only provides even and smooth shock absorption, but also effectively prevents the tiles from deforming or warping over time, even on uneven surfaces.

Long-Lasting Flooring:

  • Vibrant Colors that Stand the Test of Time: VMKON uses imported masterbatch with high-value standards. This translates into bright, shiny colors that are resistant to fading under sun and rain. The tiles will retain their vibrant appearance for extended periods, adding a touch of style to any athletic environment.

VMKON interlocking tiles offer a complete package – safety, performance, durability, and lasting aesthetics. They’re the perfect choice for creating a healthy, functional, and visually appealing space for athletes of all ages.

VMKON TPE Flooring Design Advantages

High polymer thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is used as the main material. The finished product has good elasticity and good performance. The floor hardness is Shaw 80-85A.

The surface is designed with frosted grain grid, which is beautiful and generous, anti-skid and non reflective. Better adapt to outdoor strong light environment; Drainage holes are designed in the surface grid to facilitate drainage and cleaning maintenance.

The ‘米’shaped support foot can realize rapid drainage and meet the requirements of engineering mechanics, so it can bear more firmly.

With the patented structural design of expansion joints, a single piece has four expansion joints, which can effectively alleviate the thermal expansion and cold contraction, and provide good lateral cushioning, so that the products can be used normally under different climatic conditions.

Design advantage of interlocking sports tiles by vmkon

Why GameChanger+ Sport Tiles?

Gamechange+ Sports flooring tiles

FIBA Certified Sports Flooring. Recognized by the professionals, born to be excellent.

Applicable to Various Scenarios

Extra thickness and weight design offers an authentic court playing experience.

The heavy-wall rectangle buckle design never surrenders in the crack or breaks under rough external force.

The patented “LoopFlex” design in the expansion joints offer excellent flexibility to prevent it from warping and more conformity to the minor undulations

Gamechange+ Sports flooring interlocking tiles

Experience Excellence in Interlocking Sports Flooring with VMKON!

VMKON interlocking sports flooring tiles are designed with the athlete in mind. Made from shock-absorbing TPE materials, they provide a soft yet durable surface that’s gentle on joints. The innovative design boasts features like rounded corners for safety, a frosted surface for dustproof and anti-slip performance, and a patented expansion joint system that prevents warping. These features combine to create a safe, comfortable, and high-performing environment for athletes of all ages.

Projects By VMKON

VMKON Makes its Mark on the Global Sporting Stage

VMKON has been actively showcasing its products and services on the international stage by participating in major sports industry trade shows. They’ve made their presence known at the FSB Cologne Expo in Germany, the AB Show in the USA, and SPOEX in South Korea, demonstrating their commitment to reaching a global audience. This participation highlights VMKON’s ambition to be a key player in the international sporting goods market.

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